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I grew up in a musical family where musical training was encouraged from a very young age, so I know from first hand experience the benefits of playing an instrument. 

I received a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University and a master’s degree from Rice University, and have over ten years of experience teaching violin. Besides teaching privately, I served as a violin instructor at LSU Music Academy and teaching assistant at Rice University. I also joined the faculty of the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra and Conservatory of Music in 2010 where I taught violin and violaRead more

I specialize in traditional and Suzuki violin methods, and offer violin and viola lessons to students of all ages and levels. Currently, I have a very diverse studio where my youngest student is 3 years old and the oldest, 60.

Whether you are a beginner violin student learning how to hold an instrument, an advanced level player seeking for improvement, or violin enthusiast who wants to take lessons as a hobby, I can help you achieve your goal. ​And what can be better than one-on-one instruction when learning how to play an instrument? Read more


Music is the only language that everyone understands


Currently accepting violin and viola students into my private studio in Lafayette, LA.

Traditional lessons:


30 min - $30 

45 min - $40

 60 min - $50  

Suzuki lessons:


30 min - $35 

45 min - $45

      60 min - $55      

Contact me today if you have any questions or if you would like to reserve your lesson time.

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