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Violin Lessons

Lesson info


I specialize in traditional and Suzuki violin methods, and offer violin and viola lessons to students of all ages and levels. Currently, I have a very diverse studio where my youngest student is 3 years old and the oldest, 60. Whether you are a beginner violin student learning how to hold an instrument, an advanced level player seeking for improvement, or violin enthusiast who wants to take lessons as a hobby, I can help you achieve your goal. ​And what can be better than one-on-one instruction when learning how to play an instrument?

Private lesson duration is 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The length of the lessons is based on the age and level of the students. Music theory is implemented in the lessons. I provide most of the supplemental studying materials, however, beginner students need to purchase or rent a violin (visit Sola Violins, a reputable location in Lafayette area).

If you are not sure whether to take Suzuki or traditional classes, please read about the difference between teaching methods here

Traditional lessons:


30 min - $30 

45 min - $40

      60 min - $50      

Suzuki lessons:


30 min - $35 

45 min - $45

      60 min - $55      

Teaching Approach

I believe in creating a professional, inspiring and supportive learning environment for my students. My teaching method is based on the combination of the Suzuki method with the traditional upbringing and my extensive experience as a musician. In my teachings I encourages persistence, organization, and confidence. Number of my students are scholarship recipients, local competition winners, attendees of national festivals, and several students have performed with the Acadiana Symphony Youth Orchestra, all state orchestra and multi parish honor orchestra. 


Sharing your musical talent and progress with loved ones is a rewarding experience. The students of Arco Music Studio have many opportunities to perform at recitals, competitions and festivals. Performance experience is vital for any musician’s development and it helps build a supportive community within the studio. 

How I teach

My expectations

Student Expectations




The beginning phase of violin playing is the most important period of learning. The beginner students will build a foundation for good playing skills, healthy practice habits, and basic musical understanding. For the very young students, parental involvement is extremely important. The emphasis is always on correct repetitions not on time spent. The very young beginner students should expect to practice under their parents’ supervision for 15-30 minutes 5-6 days per week. 


The intermediate students should expect to practice at least one hour daily to be able to develop a broader spectrum of abilities. Along with playing harder repertoire, intermediate students will work regularly on etudes, scales and other technical exercises to further strengthen their playing skills and musical knowledge. 


The advanced students who plan on pursuing music as their livelihood should dedicate at least hour and a half of practice daily. Advanced students work on concertos, pieces, chamber music, and advanced technical exercises and etudes. Students at the advance level have the necessary tools and knowledge of making their own musical decisions and solve technical problems with less guidance from the teacher.

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